We welcome all forms of support to help the community save Cressingham Gardens!  Here are some ideas if you would like to get involved:

  1. Write to your councillors and MP objecting to what is happening
  2. Sign the online petition
  3. Like the Save Cressingham Facebook page and share with friends
  4. Tweet your views using the hashtag @SaveCressingham
  5. Spread the word about GoFundMe campaign raising money for the Save Cressingham Gardens Fighting Fund
  6. Run a fund raising event, even if it is small like a jumble sale.  The more people who are aware of what is happening on Cressingham Gardens, and all over London, will help swing the tide against such “regeneration proposals”
  7. Come visit the estate for London OpenHouse in September and Lambeth Open in October
  8. Do you have specific expertise that you would like to volunteer?  If yes, please email us at

2 thoughts on “Support

  1. Could you try getting in touch with Reidvale Housing Association, Glasgow ( 40yrs ago they faced similar problems to you. They may be able to help.
    Also have you seen The Aylesbury Estate ruling @ the Guardian online 20th September 2016


  2. The law locks up the man or woman who steals the goose from off the common; while leaving free the greater felon who steals the common off the goose.


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