Cressingham Gardens is a high density, low rise estate with a corresponding low crime rate built in the late 1970’s by the renowned Ted Hollamby, a leading architect in Lambeth of the 1970’s. Catherine Croft, director of the Twentieth Century society described the design as “human centred, gentle and beautifully detailed” adding the result is “Good sensible housing in the way housing should be built…it would be an enormous pity to lose Cressingham Gardens as it stands.”

However, Lambeth Council is now threatening to demolish the estate and break up the community.

Email: SaveCressinghamGardens@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SaveCressinghamGardens

Twitter: @SaveCressingham


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  1. For inspirational and outstanding work Gerlinde Gniewosz you follow in the footsteps of the New Zealander Air Vice Marshal Keith Park and the Australian Air Vice Marshal Don Bennett. Both applied their intelligence, attention to detail, and hard work to saving the skins of the British People despite being ‘under appreciated’ by the bureaucratic, class concious, middle of the road, stick together management types who have lost their native intelligence in a bloated organisation.


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