Cressingham Gardens Regeneration in Numbers

1: number of options that Lambeth council really was considering = full demolition

2.3%: contribution of the proposed 23 extra new council rent homes through the demolition of Cressingham Gardens towards Labour Lambeth’s target of 1,000 new council rent homes by 2020

3: number of years that Lambeth has been “CON-sulting” and apologising for poor communications

5: number of options that were open to residents to look at during the consultation

10%: percentage of new homes that will be at council rent

23: extra new council rent homes after redevelopment (the “aspirational” target)

44: number of years for council to break even under full demolition scenario (sorry tax payers, this is the number of years that you will be subsidising the buy-to-let landlords)

175: approx number of new homes to be sold to buy-to-let landlords and people with “higher incomes” (this is not our interpretation, but what was written in Lambeth’s cabinet report)

306: number of homes currently on Cressingham Gardens

464: number of homes on the “rebuilt” Cressingham Gardens

1,000: extra new council rent homes that Labour Lambeth promises to build over next 5 years across the borough

21,000: people on the waiting list for social housing that they can afford

£150,000: approx “Value Gap” that each homeowner has to fund to stay on estate and still own home outright (or otherwise known as the poor man’s mansion tax)

£99,700,039: finance cost that council will have to pay for the full demolition


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