SAVE Britain objects to demolition

SAVE Britain’s Heritage has written a strongly worded objection to Lambeth Council’s proposed demolition of Cressingham Gardens:

…writing to register our very strong objection to the proposals to demolish Cressingham Gardens to be considered at your meeting in Lambeth Town Hall at 7pm on Monday 13th July.

In our view, the whole of Cressingham Gardens is of special architectural and historic interest and its planning is a remarkable example of a model village layout designed with great imagination and care to provide attractive community living.

The proposal is the more disturbing in view of the strongly expressed desire of many of the residents to remain in their homes.

They then quite clearly outline the actions that will follow if the Council proceeds with its proposals:

If your council is minded to proceed with its proposals to demolish we will call for a Public Inquiry on the following grounds, amongst others:

First, the architectural and historic importance of Cressingham Gardens.

Second, the national significance of its model layout in terms of design, type and period.

Third, the very strong opposition not only locally, but amongst national bodies concerned with the environment.

Fourth, the fact that Lambeth Council has failed to apply government policy on demolition.

A further reason for a very strong objection is the failure to designate a conservation area, and indeed to carry out an initial assessment for a conservation area. Historic England has supported the designation of a conservation area. This, combined with current government policy, should lead your council to reverse its policy for the site and invest in a scheme of refurbishment and improvement.

SAVE Britain’s Heritage has been described as the most influential conservation group to have been established since William Morris founded the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings in 1877.  It was created in 1975 – European Architectural Heritage Year – by a group of journalists, historians, architects, and planners to campaign publicly for endangered historic buildings.

It has been instrumental in saving many buildings.  So Lambeth Council should take heed of the last paragraph in the objection:

Should your council advance the argument that the properties are too difficult or expensive to repair we will commission evidence from engineers, architects and surveyors assessing the practicality and cost or repair and refurbishment.  This we did at the Welsh Streets Inquiry and the evidence was accepted by the Secretary of State.

Click here to read the full Letter of Objection to Lambeth Council


2 thoughts on “SAVE Britain objects to demolition

  1. I am hoping that Central Hill Estate, in line for the same treatment as Cressingham, will qualify architecturally and historically for special pleading to stop demolition.


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