Demolition Decision Protest

Crazy Lambeth council has decided to ignore the Judicial Review proceedings and attempt to demoralise the community by having its Cabinet rubber stamp a proposal to fully demolish Cressingham Gardens.

Have they not learnt yet that Cressingham Gardens residents are ‘resilient’ and that such actions just strengthen the resolve to take this all the way to the bitter end (and hopefully now the full implosion of Lambeth Council in the process)?

This action is being taken only months after the council officers were still telling residents that full demolition was not viable.  What secret black magic did they conjure up to make a massive loss making option (negative £20m NPV) suddenly economically viable (positive £13m NPV)?  But they must be running scared, because they are refusing to open up the latest financial models for review (not even with the sensitive inputs removed).

Join us in a “joyously angry” protest this coming Monday 13th July from 6pm outside the Brixton Town Hall.  We have been told many times that the local authority is only accountable to the electorate, so let’s make them now be accountable.

Demo flyer - save cressingham 13th July


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