Labour urged to have courage and withdraw demolition plans.

Speech to 9 March Cabinet by Richard Bultitude:

We feel it has been very difficult for you, the council, to empathise with us and perhaps you feel the same way about our ability to empathise with you. After all, there is a lot of pressure on you to build new housing whilst central government has reduced budgets.

However I believe there is an opportunity for a win win situation should you have the courage to withdraw your plans to regenerate the estate. London and indeed the UK is crying out for government that will listen to the people rather than big business.It is crying out for a council who will cooperate with them rather than moving the goalposts. Imagine you were able to say “we listened to you”, to say “we learned from you”. Imagine you were able to say “we the labour party understand what the people of Cressingham Gardens are saying to us and we can prove it”.
There is so much negative press about how and why councils in London go about creating new housing. It is well known that promises are not kept and the winners are often private developers and those wealthy enough to afford new leasehold properties. The waste of good housing stock, the poor maintenance of properties and the displacement of residents that follow a regen project are issues the whole country is now well aware of. This is your chance to turn the tide on this PR disaster.
This is your chance to say “we can look after what we have”, “we will not destroy communities in the way the tories did”.
A change of heart over our estate could so easily be spun into a success story, one that restores voters’ faith in what you stand for and who you represent.
This is your chance to be brave. I implore you to take it.

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